What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in December 2022

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The end of 2022 is upon us! Natural Fluorite Cluster Point

What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in December 2022

Did the year bring you everything that you’ve wished for? December will bring even more peculiar energy to navigate.

As we march to the conclusion of our journeys this year, we will feel deeply reflective and nostalgic.

Life will be especially sluggish in December, as the planets switch directions and cause us to slow down.

However, this pace could be enjoyable for us as we could have time to enjoy interactions with family and friends, rather than an overly booked or chaotic schedule.

Let’s get adventurous! As the sun becomes ignited within the realm of Sagittarius throughout most of this month, we will be eager to step out of our comfort zones. This will invigorate us with a festive energy to have fun, let loose and socialize. We will be ready to connect with others as well as learn, communicate and share.

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Drama continues around us—and within us! Mars, the planet of raw Fire, will continue his retrograde phase in Gemini until January 12, 2023! We will continue to feel exhaustion, frustration and challenges at every turn. Karmic situations around sex and war will be present in our lives. Exes and enemies could still be lurking in the shadows. Be sure to read my in-depth article about Mars retrograde to find out even more details or check out my list of “do’s and don’ts” here. Mercury retrograde also starts to creep in this month, too, although it doesn’t officially begin until December 29, 2022. However, we will feel it as early as December 12, 2022. Try to tie up all big matters in business and work at the beginning of the month so you can go with the flow as the weeks go on.

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You may feel extra festive as December begins!  Productivity will be high between December 1st to the 15th.  This is a great time to power through a to-do list or get some holiday shopping done. Serenity rolls in from the 20th, which bodes well for off-grid travel and relaxation.  Watch out for high tensions in friendships and relationships around the 28th. December 30th is a great day for planning. You can use this time to take a quiet moment and think about any dreams you wish to achieve in the new year.

In the realm of relationships, the animal world puts our connections under the spell of the element of water. Since water is the natural ruler of emotions, expect to be in your feels! A fascinating marine animal, the Starfish, delivers real thrill as we transition from 2022 to 2023. While this creature is alluring and mesmerizing, the Starfish also has a shadow side, as its great beauty can be linked to deception and superficiality. When it comes to love and romance, the spirit of this animal warns us to not be swayed by outward appearances. It arrives with the message that not everything that shines is gold. This month, moving away from gossip and superficiality and embracing substance and authenticity will get you closer to living the love life of your dreams.

December brings in the promise of new love for singles and a deeper devotion in love for all couples. The opportunity for abundance flows easier this month for many of us, so making demonstrations of love flow easier too! It’s easy to get carried away this month! Whether we are in a relationship or single, make sure to clean up any personal resentments, issues and miscommunications by the start of the month or things could get combustible rather quickly.

Holiday drama can be avoided if you use the motto: “A clear heart is a happy heart!” Mid month is the ideal timing for new love! Approach all relationships old and new from a place of strength, fairness and kindness. It will be important to stand up for all the beliefs we hold closest to our hearts, but be sure to maintain respect to another’s point of view. You don’t have to agree to have a loving, passionate relationship. Lapis Lazuli is a a wonderful crystal to enhance intuition, confidence and encourages one to speak the truth.

Woo wee! The Princess of Wands does not hold back! With this fiery energy, expect to take no prisoners. She does exactly what she wants, whenever she wants. She’s the ultimate teenage rebel. With her passionate and aggressive tendencies, her energy can disrupt your life! Anyone come to mind? This energy is perfect if you’re a singleton looking for a one night romp!

Partnered up? Watch out. Disagreements could bubble up out of the blue. If they do, hold your tongue. Don’t say something you may regret the next morning. Or if you’re a party princess, take heed on numerous libations. This energy could have you doing something you may regret the next day. Though she’s a fiery force not to be tamed, her energy is not negative. She can bring about major passion! It could be short lived if single, and for the couples out there, your partner could be hot one day, and cold the next.

Regardless, there will be some exciting moments this December with the Princess around, and she will no doubt set that yule log on fire! An important thing to note in December is that our worries and stresses of December will simply come and go. This month will fly by, and so will our anxieties and frustrations. There will be new memories made for everyone this holiday season. We will welcome in new friends, new family and new lovers. It’s a time to forget about our qualms. Let’s ride the fiery energy of the Princess into 2023 like the creators I know we all are!

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What to expect – good and bad – for your zodiac sign in December 2022

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